Athlete within You published in Europe

Athlete within You published in Europe

The Athlete within You published in Europe

Just wanted to announce that my book “The Athlete within You – a mental approach to sports and business” has been picked up and reformatted by Digilogit Ltd. It is being marketed by them all over Europe and the U.S.A.  What is really cool as I have mentioned before is that the book is now illustrated. This is really great. Te illustrations add some humor and are on point. They help set the stage for what I want you to focus on in a chapter. My favorite is captioned “I was told by coach to talk to someone I can trust”.  It’s a picture of an athlete on the bench talking to his teddy bear. 

Athlete within you author Mike Margolies

To get your digital copy check out the d-book store by clicking on the link.

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