Can we learn from the Seahawks?

Can we learn from the Seahawks?

Can we learn from the Seahawks?Can we learn from the Seahawks

Teams are preparing for the biggest game of the year, in arguably the biggest venue, the Big Apple- New York City. Most all the focus is on the Denver Broncos Payton Manning

broncosand the historic passing offence vs the Seattle Seahawks Legion of Boom and the #1 ranked Defense. The game takes place on a huge stage. The focus is mostly on Offense and Defense, X’s and O’s, but might the real contest be in everyone’s head?  Yes and how will the mental game play a role in the outcome?

One thing we have heard is that the Seattle Seahawks work with a Psychologist from Los Angeles. Many of the players including young quarterback Russell Wilson meet with him weekly. ( The idea that at the pinnacle of football (or any other sport) athletes openly meet with someone to help them with their mental game come into play in New York?

bronco OHow mentally prepared is each team? To what degree will mental toughness effect these two great teams? These are the real questions.

Mental toughness training is telling and the Seahawks have been doing this now for two years. Is their rise to the top in the NFL due to X’s and O’s. Is it based on the draft and free agency? Is it the leadership from Pete Carroll and his Win Forever mentality? Absolutely! But it is this same mentality that brings in someone to help players with their mental training. This is perhaps a much overlooked area where athletes can make huge improvements in performance and it is not often that people can work with celebrity performance psychologist. Meditation is just a small part of the equation in learning to be emotionally intelligent on the field.

Mental Training Inc. provides worldwide mental training to athletes of all levels. In the Pacific Northwest Mike Margolies CMT® of MTI works with individuals, teams and corporations. You can contact me there or via The Mental Game.

RW“The thing is that today any athlete wanting to learn to be the best that they can be can work with someone and improve their mental toughness”.

So can we learn from the Seahawks? You can be prepared like Russell Wilson and the Seattle Seahawks. It is far more available than you would have thought. Turn that thought into real action and become mentally tough, calm and poised in whatever your sport. Performance is more than X’s and O’s. Find out why the best in the world work on their mental game with a qualified Sport Psychology Consultant / Certified Mental Trainer®.