Change Happens

Change Happens

Change Happens, Change in inevitable, the only thing you can depend on is Change.  These are all rock solid clichés.   Clichés run rampant through our lexicon of sport and business.  There is nothing wrong with acknowledging both the cliché and the intent.  Because we can depend on change, we can at least prepare for if not the circumstance of the change, but how we deal with change in general.  If we have a plan for change, if we have practiced coping skills, then dealing with change becomes far easier.  There are lots of articles and books about staying and thinking only positive thoughts.  I’ve seen articles on what a bad idea it is to think about things that might go wrong.  In sports psychology techniques to help athletes deal with change are part of the preparation process.

I agree that we should not focus on the negative.  But it’s crazy not to think about the possibilities of change.  I’ve seen it happen in both sport and business.  Players, coaches and business people saying we never considered that something would change.   If change is inevitable, then planning on change is critical to your success.  If you were to make a list of circumstances that might change regarding your season or a specific business deal and left it at that, then you might be focusing on something negative.  My suggestion is to make that list and first counter it with fixes.  You plan to play a game in another city and it snows.  Plan how you are going to get there.  If you live in an area like I do this is very possible.  The teams and coaches I see panic are those that only view life as a steady flow.  They won’t spend 15 minutes planning for something they don’t want to think about, so when it happens, everything sort of crashes.  Know your options and life gets easier.

The most important part of working with change and this is something like change that you can depend on is how you cope and deal with it.  People that regularly practice coping skills that know when to hold back and take that deep breath are much more effective.

Change does happen.  Having coping skills to deal with change will get you through most problems.  When change happens, pull out the coping skills, take a deep breath, look at your plan and smile because you are 80 percent there.  The other 20 percent, well there are other metaphors that cover that.  If you can deal with 8 out of 10 problems during the season life got a lot easier.  Planning and coping with change means a great deal.  It’s not hard; you just have to open your eyes.  Positive thinking is an absolute.  Just don’t let it stop you from planning on how to cope with the inevitable.


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