Mental Game Radio Show

Mental Game Radio Show

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The Mental Game Radio Show is a journey into understanding the way of the athlete.  How we achieve our dreams, how we train, how we succeed and how we fail.  It’s about getting there more than being there.

Come join in and discuss sports with author / sport psychology consultant/ certified mental trainer®  Mike Margolies. Bring your “A” Game to play.

The primary purpose of the mental game is to talk about the importance of mental training for athletes and people in business. Mental training is not a luxury. We need to stop thinking about it as such. While we work with issues in sport psychology most of my work is in helping athletes to the next level through mental training. If you have read my blog posts you know that mental training is strength training for the mind, only MORE IMPORTANT. If the mental game is 80% of performance, what are you doing right now to improve your game. So on the show I talk with people involved in sports. Some of those people are mental trainers / Sport Psychology Consultants like myself while others are coaches, athletes, personal trainers, and others associated with sports. Come listen into the conversations. Drop me an email with questions and I’ll address them on the next show if I can. I have some examples of the show in the space below, but the best way to catch one of the shows is by going to the link from The Mental Game Radio Show.

 We are always booking guests and of course looking for the right fit in sponsors.