Postural Enlightenment mental training X

Postural Enlightenment mental training X

Postural Enlightenment- (a mental training exercise)

Postural Enlightenment is a way of focusing on how we are doing.  Just a short post to remind everyone during the holiday’s to stay focused on what is important in their lives. Team, family, friends can not be forgotten. Your goals are important, but remember to take time for others. This time of year for some brings on a malaise or sadness. I try never to use the word depression as this is a clinical term and as you know I do not work with clinical issues. But from time to time sadness comes into the lives of most of us and we must learn to deal.  So especially this time of year, I would like you to look around and pay attention not only to others, but to yourself. Get in touch with your feelings and sort things out. Self awareness is critical to becoming the athlete and person you would like to be. In this light I want you to become aware of one simple thing. It is simple and can change your perspective very quickly.Yoga-Poses-Focus-Relaxation postural enlightenment

Let us have good head and shoulders—the basic elegant posture of enlightenment and peace. This is a statement I have seen for many years. I may have heard it stated this way from an associate who was also a yoga instructor. Yoga which focuses so acutely on form can send us an important message.

I can’t tell you how many times I remind athletes that our state of mind can dependent on our posture. The athlete knows the importance of posture, of proper breath, of being relaxed. Of course, you can tell when someone is sad, they slump. Problem is- it’s self-fulfilling. It’s hard to cheer up, mentally, when, physically, you’re slumped. Also notice a person’s or your own shoulders. Are you or they wearing shoulders for earrings?

We recognize excitement in others. Look around at a movie theater. It’s remarkable on how friends edge to their seats and sit up bolt upright in the movie theater when they were excited. Just notice the picture here. Which one looks sad, just by a quick look?

Postural EnlightenmentWatch an artist or dancer. You can see a sort of peace and presence in them—and that physical elegance, whether manifested through painting or dance or everyday life—it further manifests in our inner and outer actions.

Watch someone who is really confident and how they carry themselves. Posture is likely upright with shoulders back and they smile or at least do not frown. You can see their confidence without hearing them speak.

This is such a simple point that it’s easy to overlook how easy, and powerful, a tool this is to keep in mind. When you’re sad, make an effort to sit up, and relax. When you’re excited, make an effort to breathe. It’s an easy way to bring your state of mind into a happier place. Your posture will give you insight into what is going on inside you. So will the aches and pains you might have. Do your shoulders hurt? How about your lower back? Are you taking easy smooth breaths or are they short and shallow? All indicators of what is going on inside you. Pay attention, it is part of your emotional intelligence.

Postural Enlightenment for all of us

So whether it is the time of year or simply preparation for your season or business meeting, look in the mirror? Shoulders back, head up, nice smile. Go get them and live the life you want to have. An athlete is far more dominant and successful with good posture. There is a reason in sports we call extended poor performance-a slump.

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