Seahawk’s Derrick Coleman and the Mental Game

Seahawk’s Derrick Coleman and the Mental Game

Seahawk’s Derrick Coleman and the Mental Game

You may have notice I don’t often write about professional players. This commercial about the Seahawk’s Derrick Coleman I think fits in well though. Derrick Coleman is a Seattle Seahawk Fullback. He has also been deaf since the age of three. The video is a commercial by Duracell about Coleman. It’s about his determination and unwillingness to give up his pursuit of a dream. It is a very positive message to everyone on not to give up.Seahawk's Derrick Coleman and the mental game

There are questions, unasked that comes to mind. Why was he so determined? Where did he find the strength from within to keep chasing his dreams. Was it the way he was raised? Was it something he learned early on from a teacher or coach? These of course are unanswered questions. My real thought is this. And it is the thought that has driven me most of my life. What if you are someone who didn’t have this kind of drive from birth or didn’t learn it early in life? Are there ways to learn this later? I believe the answer to that question is unequivocal. The answer is of course “YES”! Derrick Coleman is a young man who refused to be bent by the opinion of others in pursuit of his dream. he had the drive to continue in spite of what many would consider a disability. Don’t get me wrong. Not everyone can play in the NFL. You have to have talent. But more than talent you must have drive. As the commercial ends saying, Trust the Power Within! He understands the Mental Game.

Now for me this power is a learned skill. Just like any skill learned early in life, this is a skill anyone can learn at anytime. I’ve worked with people in their 70’s wanting to learn to swim and kids under 12. All they had to do is decide this is something I want. They may not know what mental skill they need yet, but we can figure that out. Over the years I’ve found that this is very something that can be learned. All you need do is ask.

Trust the Power Within. Chase your dream. I just saw on Facebook where one of my clients is headed to Europe to chase his dream. Another is in LA with the US Men’s National Team Camp. Two very different types of players, both chasing dreams like Derrick Coleman. I’d love to meet Mr Coleman some day and talk with him about these questions. It is always possible to pass the information forward to help others find their dreams. That is a big part of the Mental Game.

Living in Seattle I would be remiss if I didn’t add something as an addendum. Today is the playoff game between the Seattle Seahawks and the New Orleans Saints. This past December 2nd, 2013 the Saints got their heads handed to them 34-7. Few believe in a playoff game the score will be the same. Seahawks are favored. As a fan, I want them to win.

I got a call yesterday from the local NBC Affiliate King 5. They want to interview me this afternoon should the Seahawks lose the game. I’m not expecting them to call. GO HAWKS!

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