Mental Minutes

Mental Minutes

Mental MinutesMental minute on sleep

I have been doing a series called Mental Minutes for Junior Hockey dot com for the last few months. I’ve posted them on The Mental Game website under radio so they may be found easily. I thought what I would like to do is write about them here as well, but perhaps go a little more in depth or add a little something. So here goes.

Mental Minute # 1

 The week prior to a game don’t change what you typically do with regard to your normal preparation (warm-up, routines, food, etc.). Yes, my first tip is to be cautious about what tips you add! However, there is one big exception – sleep.

I strongly suggest preparing yourself for games by going to sleep and getting up at approximately the same time for an entire week prior to a game if you can. Trying to play after getting a few less hours than you’re used to, or getting up a few hours earlier than normal, can affect your coordination, emotion control and decision making (ie. your performance!). You’ll have a big advantage over other players.

Added info: NAPSpower nap from the mental game

Something else you can use to help in your recovery. NAPS. If time allows taking a Power Nap will help you get refocused. The science of sleep has been giving us insight into understanding about NAPS. You know many great and creative people have used power naps to allow themselves to do incredible work and athletics is no different. What we have learned however has to do both with duration and timing. 10-20 minute power naps give you the best bang for the buck. Longer naps while regenerative may leave you feeling sluggish for a while. Here is a link to a nap wheel by Sara Mednick. It helps you decide the best time to take a nap based on when you woke up. NAP WHEEL

The Athlete within You Radio Show

The Athlete within You Radio Show is broadcast via the internet on the United Talk Radio Network or UTRN. Just click on either of the links and it will take you there (UTRN will bring you to the rebroadcast download section) . I am really happy doing radio. Its been quite a journey. From complete terror trying to do a 15 minute monologue on my original show to doing a two hour program feeling very much at ease.

The last few weeks I feel like I’ve made huge strides forward in figuring this whole thing out. I’m organized, informative, a good interviewer and comfortable on the air. Some people even find me funny. Something that will surprise 90 percent of all those that know me. I am really excited for how this is transforming me and everything I do. It certainly helps me as a keynote speaker.

One big change on the show is the addition of  more or less (I hope permanent) co-host. Her name is Kindra Reid, CSCS. She is a wonderful human being, she is a personal trainer (that’s what the alphabet soup after her name means). She is a Strength and Conditioning Specialist and she teaches at the National Personal Training Institute. Her business is Battle Ready Fitness and that is where everyone can find her (naturally click on the link). I’ve known her only about six months. In the personal training world she is “Commander Kindra”. We have a great rapport which I think comes through over the airways. She has worked with MMA fighters, runners and even Cricketers. She is a law school graduate that worked for the Clinton Administration (it means she is very smart). (more…)