The Athlete within You- a mental approach to sports and business

The Athlete within You- a mental approach to sports and business

It’s a funny thing. I was so jazzed to have finished my book “The Athlete within You” that I’ve gone over three months without really talking about where anyone can find it. It seems that just writing the book is just part of the story. If you want people to read it, you need to tell them where to find it. I knew this all of the time of course. I’d planned how to market it and everything. But as with so many of us that are good at doing what we do (in my case working with others to help them achieve success) that we often forget about someone else who is very important to the project; ourselves.

So it is that I have been negligent to really shout at the top of my lungs that this is where you will find my book. I should even scream, that is if I were someone else, that you absolutely should order it online right now. So I’ll just say please it would be very helpful if you would order my book and tell other people about it. People that have done so already tell me they like it. I had one coach that came all the way across from another practice field I was at to tell me how much he liked it.

Please click on the book and it will take you to my book store and you can purchase an autographed copy for yourself and friends.

Sport psychology book by author Mike Margolies

As always I like to thank those that helped me with this project. I am grateful to Deborah Drake for coaching me through the process and editing. To Jon Knight of Sound PnP for the cover design. And Don Burrows who helped edit. And my friend and publishing coach Patrick Snow for his support through the entire process.

The Athlete within You Radio Show

The Athlete within You Radio Show is broadcast via the internet on the United Talk Radio Network or UTRN. Just click on either of the links and it will take you there (UTRN will bring you to the rebroadcast download section) . I am really happy doing radio. Its been quite a journey. From complete terror trying to do a 15 minute monologue on my original show to doing a two hour program feeling very much at ease.

The last few weeks I feel like I’ve made huge strides forward in figuring this whole thing out. I’m organized, informative, a good interviewer and comfortable on the air. Some people even find me funny. Something that will surprise 90 percent of all those that know me. I am really excited for how this is transforming me and everything I do. It certainly helps me as a keynote speaker.

One big change on the show is the addition of  more or less (I hope permanent) co-host. Her name is Kindra Reid, CSCS. She is a wonderful human being, she is a personal trainer (that’s what the alphabet soup after her name means). She is a Strength and Conditioning Specialist and she teaches at the National Personal Training Institute. Her business is Battle Ready Fitness and that is where everyone can find her (naturally click on the link). I’ve known her only about six months. In the personal training world she is “Commander Kindra”. We have a great rapport which I think comes through over the airways. She has worked with MMA fighters, runners and even Cricketers. She is a law school graduate that worked for the Clinton Administration (it means she is very smart). (more…)

The Athlete within You Radio Show: Are you a parent to a rising star athlete?

The Athlete within You Radio Show: Are you a parent to a rising star athlete?

The Athlete Within You Radio Show

“The Athlete within You Radio Show.” Just like my book title is about the work we do with athletes to help them achieve peak performance. I have the pleasure of doing a weekly radio show on the United Talk Radio Network .

The Athlete Within You Radio ShowAfter the live broadcast on Tuesday evenings from 8-10PM Pacific the shows are available via archived pod-casts  I’ve been working on this radio project for the past year. Prior to joining UTURN I was on Toginet earlier this year. Information on the show is also available via our Facebook Fan Page .

And I DO enjoy doing radio for it gives me the opportunity to have some fun, meet some “experts” while reaching large numbers of people. It’s like blogging but over the internet or airways and with my co-hosts and guests it’s both interactive and down right exciting. Take last night’s show for example.

First, let me explain the format. The show is called “The Athlete within You.” I think I’ve seen that title before (actually I know I have!). Might have been on as I think there is a book by the same name (what a shameless plug). Can you have shameless plugs on your own blog? When it’s your own blog, I suppose one can do what they want (smile). Anyway, it is a show that allows me to talk to athletes, coaches, trainers, doctors, nutritionists and really anyone involved in the sports world to understand the back-story.

And like the themes and material of the book of the same name, I really enjoy discussing what it takes to become successful in sports and at anything we choose to care about–for that matter.

The show has evolved from a one-hour interview with a guest to a full two-hour sports talk radio show(at the stations request, I might add). I have a rotating co-host now. My first co-host was Super NY Jets and Yankee Fan, Jon Knight of Sound PNP . Jon designed the cover for my book and I wanted a fan’s perspective on sports to contrast my somewhat biased and alleged expert opinions. I did explain that it is not his fault that he was born in Jersey–practically forcing him to become a fan of NY teams. (more…)

The Athlete Within You

The Athlete Within You

The Athlete Within You

Had to post this. The Athlete Within You- A Mental Approach to Sports and Business is available as of July 23rd, 2011.

I am so pleased to share these stories. The book is available on at the following link. which is my online book store. It will be available I’m told on sometime later in the week. It will be at your local book store shortly there after. If anyone would like a signed personalized copy please drop me a note.

The Athlete Within You- Book Proof in Hand

The Athlete Within You- Book Proof in Hand

All of you know I use this site to post thoughts on topics mostly related to sport psychology. This one is no different, except it is basically an announcement that my book, The Athlete Within You, is in my hands right now.  It is the proof copy and we are making a few changes, correcting a few things we missed in editing and getting it ready for market. This is pretty exciting. It has been a long time in process as many of you know.

Author Mike Margolies writes about Sports Psychology and the Mental Game


I was given a contract to write a book in 1979. All I had to do was produce a prospectus, a long outline and the deal was done. Couldn’t do it. I’ve written about this here and in other places, so I won’t bore you again. But now it is done (or just about). Yes for those of you that are wondering, it tastes like sushi and fine tequila (if I could afford it, Herradura Seleccion Suprema). If you don’t know why I said this, then find my posts on goal setting and it will make sense or wait till next week and pick up a copy of the book.


This won’t be the last time I thank them, but I will mention them here.

Deborah Drake has been my writing coach and support the last few months and I would not completed this without her.

Don Burrow has become a good friend and did some great copy editing.

Jon Knight is a friend and graphic artist and he did the book cover.

These people along with some other friends have been a huge support for this project, and I need them to know how much I appreciate them, their time and unconditional support. Thank you all.

I will of course post  exactly how you can find the book later next week. It will be available via of course. Purchase direct from me for an autographed copy. Click on the book cover and you will be whisked away to my store.


Memory is a Funny Thing

Memory is a Funny Thing

Memory is a funny thing.  I am sure we were all great athletes, once upon a time.  For some of us it is remembrances from high school or college.  I’ve met quite a few people that when I listen to their stories, I am convinced they are referencing some major accomplishment when they were in elementary school.

We remember things as we want to remember them.  I had a very odd experience today.  It is a shared memory experience in fact with my wife.  Perhaps her memory of the incident is influenced by having heard me tell the story so often that it is now part of our collective memory.  This may be similar to the way many people remember their early childhood back to a time that they could not possibly remember an incident, some time before they were even born.  Some family occasions that have been passed down are now part of their remembrances.

The story I am telling about myself concerns an athlete I once worked with.  She was an elite athlete and I was helping her prepare for the national and world championships in her sport.  I worked with her for over a year.  I was with her at the National Championships, where she placed 3rd.  Here’s where it gets sketchy.  I was invited first by the competitor, then by her mother and finally her sponsor to be with her at the World Championships.  They wanted me there to support her.  I had two reasons for declining the invitation.  I should mention that it would have been financially beneficial for me to support her there.  It would have also been great for my reputation working with elite athletes.   What happened next?

I declined the invitation on the basis that she didn’t need me there.  It was a self confidence thing and I wanted her to understand that she was in control.  My other reason for not going, which I did not tell them was out of embarrassment.  It was a silly thing really.  I did not possess a passport.  These people were world travelers. The World Championships were in Europe, in a country that no longer actually exists.  I was embarrassed because I thought they would think less of me because obviously I was not a world traveler.  The athlete did great.  She won the bronze medal and qualified for the Olympics.  I had done my job.  I felt great, until her coach fired me, but that is another story all together.

So what does this have to do with memory?  I am putting some things together for my book “The Athlete within You”.  I needed a few extra stories and some accomplishments for book signings and public relations information.  A friend reading the story about the World Championships asked me to write down the city in Europe where the World Championship took place.  As I couldn’t spell it properly, I goggled the year and the event.  Did you know that Cincinnati was right in the middle of Yugoslavia?   I was astounded.  I double and triple checked, but that year, the unlikely place for the World Championships, was Cincinnati, OH.  How could I have gotten this so wrong?  What’s even stranger is I asked my wife what she remembers and it is exactly as I told the story hundreds of times.  So do you think I can get spaghetti and chili in that suburb called Cincinnati, Yugoslavia?

So take this one from me.  Memory is a fickle thing.  When someone regales you with stories of their athletic youth, remember it is likely what they want to remember or mistakenly put together.  Of course if you are hearing about my athletic prowess back in college or high school, take it to the bank; it really happened exactly that way.

To help keep my memory intact and so that I am not alone in telling stories about myself, feel free to tell one on yourself in the comment box.  It’s good for the soul!  I look forward to reading your memories, real and imagined.