The Athlete within You Radio Show: Are you a parent to a rising star athlete?

The Athlete within You Radio Show: Are you a parent to a rising star athlete?

The Athlete Within You Radio Show

“The Athlete within You Radio Show.” Just like my book title is about the work we do with athletes to help them achieve peak performance. I have the pleasure of doing a weekly radio show on the United Talk Radio Network .

The Athlete Within You Radio ShowAfter the live broadcast on Tuesday evenings from 8-10PM Pacific the shows are available via archived pod-casts  I’ve been working on this radio project for the past year. Prior to joining UTURN I was on Toginet earlier this year. Information on the show is also available via our Facebook Fan Page .

And I DO enjoy doing radio for it gives me the opportunity to have some fun, meet some “experts” while reaching large numbers of people. It’s like blogging but over the internet or airways and with my co-hosts and guests it’s both interactive and down right exciting. Take last night’s show for example.

First, let me explain the format. The show is called “The Athlete within You.” I think I’ve seen that title before (actually I know I have!). Might have been on as I think there is a book by the same name (what a shameless plug). Can you have shameless plugs on your own blog? When it’s your own blog, I suppose one can do what they want (smile). Anyway, it is a show that allows me to talk to athletes, coaches, trainers, doctors, nutritionists and really anyone involved in the sports world to understand the back-story.

And like the themes and material of the book of the same name, I really enjoy discussing what it takes to become successful in sports and at anything we choose to care about–for that matter.

The show has evolved from a one-hour interview with a guest to a full two-hour sports talk radio show(at the stations request, I might add). I have a rotating co-host now. My first co-host was Super NY Jets and Yankee Fan, Jon Knight of Sound PNP . Jon designed the cover for my book and I wanted a fan’s perspective on sports to contrast my somewhat biased and alleged expert opinions. I did explain that it is not his fault that he was born in Jersey–practically forcing him to become a fan of NY teams.

This week Jon and I interviewed Fancy Frenchwood of Sake in Seattle. I have known Fancy for over a year. I asked her on the show because she has raised three sons all of whom are athletes. She understands first hand the challenges of parenting an elite high school athlete. Her two oldest sons played college football, but I was particularly interested in her youngest son Cedric Cooper  . Fancy has asked me on occasion for some advice regarding Cedric’s preparation for college and with regard to mental strategies; he could use to become a better athlete. I sat down with him to discuss the mental side of football and went to a few of his games to observe him in action.

Fancy talked candidly about a few of the challenges. Maintaining good grades was a priority. Making sure that distractions were kept to a minimum was important. I didn’t think they were over protecting him, but his family was definitely aware that the path to his ultimate success might include dodging a few undesirable elements. They were very firm about keeping this young man grounded and humble while he pursued his dreams. And this is no small task.

We also talked about the recruiting process, the use of video and the fact that even for a top level athlete it was far better to be proactive than to sit back and wait. I have blogged about working with Mike Baggett and Sportsworx Northwest before. The process of finding the right combination of academics, athletics, environment and scholarship is really important. Fancy and her son Ricky were great guests and very open. I look forward to watching this young man grow and strive to reach his potential.

Super Fan- Jon and Sports Psychology Consultant, Author and Coach- me had some fun discussing the NFL. Jon wanted to talk about the NY Jets. I let him as he is a nice person, if not delusional. Every fan thinks their team is headed to the Superbowl, one week prior to the season opener.

We discussed Michael Vick’s new 100 million dollar contract and how we are a very forgiving society (if you are a winner). And there are a few other topics where Jon and I “differ in our opinions” (check out the podcast if you are curious!). As I coach soccer and am actively involved with coaches and athletes it seems as liberal as I am, I tend to support harsher punishment for those that couldn’t figure out how to read the rule book.

The station is telling me they are pleased with the numbers and glad they asked me to join the broadcasting family and that means a lot to me. I used to make a joke that went something like this. Those that can do, those that can’t teach, those that can’t teach become coaches and those that can’t do anything become talk show hosts. I guess I must have been wrong. Hopefully, somewhere someone is laughing and even more are listening in. And perhaps some of my listeners be they live or via podcast will suggest to me who would make for a good guest or guest co-host. I welcome all to let me know what they’d like to hear discussed and debated.

Next week’s co-host will be Commander Kindra (Kindra Reid) of Battle Ready Fitness . She is a fabulous and knowledgeable Redmond-based personal trainer and strength coach (who also teaches for the National Personal Training Institute). In a former professional life, she was an attorney, who at one time worked for the Clinton Administration. I am confident she will add a great perspective to the show. We will be interviewing a sports attorney next week so that will make it even more interesting.

Tune in, check out a podcast, suggest a co-host or a guest to interview and let me know what you think, what you want and what to do to keep you on the edge of your seat. And thanks for “listening.”

This is some text prior to the author information. You can change this text from the admin section of WP-Gravatar  Mike Margolies: Sport Psychology Consultants ; Mike Margolies is a Sport Psychology Consultant, Certified Mental Trainer® (CMT), Author, and Professional Speaker. When you want to be the best that you can be and the one thing you might be missing is the right mental game - what can you do? Well, athletes from all over the country have been seeking out Mike Margolies for over three decades to help them reach their potential. His clients include professional, elite, colligate and youth athletes in every sport. They have sought his counsel and unique teaching style to learn about the game within the game, or what mental training can do to help them become the athlete they want to be. He has trained professional and elite athletes and helped guide many to world championships and even the Super Bowl. Mike has trained more than 2000+ athletes. He has taught at four Universities and completed research at the United States Olympic Training Center. His new book is called The Athlete within You- A Mental Approach to Sports and Business. He currently works with individual athletes, teams and businesses around the world, both in person and via SKYPE. Mike is based out of the Pacific Northwest. Let him encourage you to play the game within the game. The Athlete within You is waiting to come out play. Learn the rules to the mental game to help realize your potential. Read more from this author

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