The Fury- Part 2

I was talking about “The Fury”.  The drive and passion to accomplish anything in life you want.  I proposed that to some extent this force is in all of us, but that it is much closer to the surface in some and buried deeper in others.  I also said that mental skills training can help bring it out in someone.  I’ll assert for the moment that this is a given, but what I want to do is talk about why it may be hidden in some people.

I think it has to do with that while we value passion and drive in an individual, when we see it at the level of “The Fury” we tend to talk about it is less than positive terms.  A person with “The Fury” may be thought as not nice or perhaps overly aggressive.  Certainly they are driven and that drive over shadows team mates at times.  Does this make them selfish?  Perhaps it does.  These individuals are driven to succeed.  Not at any cost, but certainly with passion.  This passion is often mistaken and consequently thought of as arrogance or over confidence.  People with “The Fury” that have physical talent are stars.  If they lack some of the developmental skills of their sport they are categorized differently at times.  They may be overly aggressive and because of a lack of skill this has the appearance of violence.  A player makes their bones by being physical, making up for the lack of skill.  At some point this behavior is either rewarded or denigrated.  If the later, then”The Fury” gets pushed down below the surface and is difficult to bring forward when needed by the athlete to succeed.  If rewarded but uncontrolled, the athlete just becomes a physical player.  At any level, the athlete needs to learn to control “The Fury”, to use its power to propel them towards success.  Read more to find this competitive fire.

One of the characteristics I see a lot of in athletes is they want to be thought of as nice people.  They have somehow decided that those athletes they see with “The Fury” are not nice people.  Again and again I have seen teams and individuals get a lead in an athletic contest only to let their opponent back in.  Why, because people that are not nice make other people feel really bad.  So if you beat a team in soccer 7-0 you are not nice.  3-1 is a much nicer score.  Sometimes in allowing the opponent back in the score ends up 4-3 with the nice players loosing.  It is always humorous when I talk about this with teams and using a metaphor talk about stepping on the other player’s neck.  It is a visual image taken to the extreme to illustrate a point.  You can either allow yourself to be the best and put your opponent out of their misery or be nice or let them back in.  The point to any athletic contest, from football to checkers, is winning.  Someone is going to feel bad after the game.  Do you want it to be you?

So many of us learn to suppress “The Fury” rather than understand and control it. Growing up I heard something that went like “It’s nice to be nice”.  If this saying gets attached to “The Fury” you can see why some people suppress it within themselves.  I’ve met a lot of people with “The Fury”.  Like everyone you meet, some are nice and others are not as nice.  The Fury has little to do with people skills.  I remember meeting one of the Denver Broncos years ago.  He played defense and had a let’s say nasty reputation.  You could see “The Fury” in his eyes.  He was one of the nicest, kindest people I ever met.  I’ve known others that had it and would walk over you or use you because it suited them.  Yes they had this drive, but it controlled them.  They were lonely, aggressive people and that found success.  Yes “The Fury helped them get where they were going.

“The Fury” has little to do with how you treat people.  That is a topic for others to discuss.  My concern is always bringing out this controlled behavior in people since it helps them succeed in their dreams and goals.

So here at last are a few things to look at to find “The Fury” within you.  Look deeply at what internally motivates you.  What do you want to master?  Where can you find your creative soul? And do you have a purpose in life beyond winning a game?  It all starts with Why?

Now that you understand yourself a little better, examine your goals.  Are they in alignment?  Are they real?  Now imagine succeeding and looking inward with your imagination and look for the fire.  If you have lined things up you will see that fire.  It may be far away, but you are in control and can make the picture bigger and brighter.  See yourself with the fire of “The Fury” burning from your own eyes and notice that people still like you and perhaps even treat you with greater respect, because they too know see “The Fury”.  Smile you’ve just made a quantum leap towards success by lighting the fire.


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