There is magic in the world

There is magic in the world

There is magic in the world

There is magic in the world.  I’ve seen it, heard it, touched it and smelled it, not to mention tasted it.  Magic is all around us in my world and probably in yours.  My world is filled with games.  In my world we play games for fun and games to see how good we are and can be.  I’ve seen people fly and I’ve seen them disappear.  People grow into giants and shrink until they are nothing at all.  This is my world , it is the world of sport.magic of sport psychology is in the mental training

Competitors all around can achieve everything and take nothing.  This is the nature of sport and the nature of magic.  Where does the magic come from, well mostly it is within you.  How we get it to come out isn’t half as important as realizing that most of it is already there inside you.

Those of us that are sometimes call magicians, because we understand some of the language of magic can be of assistance in helping you find your magic, so that you can soar to new heights and dance your way to success.

Those of us with magic wands are the ones that know it is our responsibility to show others how to use their own magic.  We do not wave our wands to enable athletes to find their aspirations; rather we help them discover their own magic so that it may be called upon at will.

The magic of the mind to go along with the instrument of their body is a marvelous thing to behold.  Regardless of the level, watching people succeed can be breathtaking.  Today I saw some magic with an athlete I have been working with for some time.  She played her best game.  She did it on her own.  She discovered the magic inside her was bigger than the magic in the other players around her.

This magic comes in many types.  This young woman’s magic was the one called confidence.  Confidence is powerful magic.  It can make you soar.  Today she soared and I am grateful and gratified that I witnessed it.  Like the baby bird being pushed out of the nest, I suspect that she will now understand much more about how to use her magic, be it confidence, belief, her imagination or mental toughness she is now in control.  As a teacher of magic, as one who defines much of who he is by how his students perform, by my standards it was a very good day.

The more magic in the world, the more joy there is for all of us.  When people discover what a marvelous magical ability they have at their command, by using their mental skills, it is a wondrous thing to behold.  The athlete within you knows this magical state.  Come share in their elation of understanding this state, it is not for all, but can be.  It is learned by all, understood by few and wielded by artists.  Why we all don’t get to use the magic may be in the way it was taught to us.  I know I am a far better magic teacher than magician.  Some are better students.  The way we were taught it determines if we can waive the wand properly.  We can be educated, but you have to want to do that.FREE Magic Tricks DVD

So come spend some time in the magical world of sports.  See if you can control the magic.  Or does it control you?


This is some text prior to the author information. You can change this text from the admin section of WP-Gravatar  Mike Margolies: Sport Psychology Consultants ; Mike Margolies is a Sport Psychology Consultant, Certified Mental Trainer® (CMT), Author, and Professional Speaker. When you want to be the best that you can be and the one thing you might be missing is the right mental game - what can you do? Well, athletes from all over the country have been seeking out Mike Margolies for over three decades to help them reach their potential. His clients include professional, elite, colligate and youth athletes in every sport. They have sought his counsel and unique teaching style to learn about the game within the game, or what mental training can do to help them become the athlete they want to be. He has trained professional and elite athletes and helped guide many to world championships and even the Super Bowl. Mike has trained more than 2000+ athletes. He has taught at four Universities and completed research at the United States Olympic Training Center. His new book is called The Athlete within You- A Mental Approach to Sports and Business. He currently works with individual athletes, teams and businesses around the world, both in person and via SKYPE. Mike is based out of the Pacific Northwest. Let him encourage you to play the game within the game. The Athlete within You is waiting to come out play. Learn the rules to the mental game to help realize your potential. Read more from this author

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